Sunday 29 June 2014

The Mad Herringtons by Jane Myers Perrine
The Mad Herringtons    Jane Myers Perrine

'The Mad Herringtons' is a witty regency romance novel in the vein of Georgette Heyer. Jane Myers Perrine stays true to the conventions of a truly classic regency romance i.e. a gentle read abounding in charm, wit and farce. But of course ending with a happily ever after.

It is set in a country estate during the traditional pastime that was 'the house party.' Aphrodite Herrington is the only sensible member of her very large family. She has been invited to a house party so that her 'almost fiancé's' mother can approve her before their engagement can be announced. Of course she needs a chaperone and so two of her madcap sisters accompany her. There, they also unexpectedly meet their brother who is disguised as an Italian Count so that his father won't hear of the fact that he got into bother at school. The other guests include her sister Terpsichore's former love, Callum McReynolds and Thomas Warwick, a rake who broke Aphrodite's heart when she was young but now is in love with her. At the same time her fiancé, Frederick, begins to pay particular attentions to Aphrodite's sister Athena.
There are further complications when Terpsichore suggests that they act out 'A midsummer Night's Dream'  to entertain themselves, meaning, they have to spend time in pairs rehearsing.
You can expect much flirting, arguments and misunderstandings. I'm sure many an engagement really was made and broken during these times.
The main characters were intelligent and witty and the sub characters were nicely portrayed and added a lot of humour.
I highly recommend this book to any fans of Georgette Heyer or historical romance in general. Go get it!

A netgalley review copy.

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