Friday 5 January 2024

Enemies to Lovers by Portia MacIntosh (2024)


Lara and Sonny are sworn enemies.

As rival showbiz journalists, they are always out to get one-up on each other – whether being the first to scoop the latest celebrity gossip, or sabotaging a potential lead.

So when their bosses ask them to join forces and go undercover at an exclusive celebrity retreat, they can’t think of anything worse - except that they are going to need to pretend to be in couples therapy to blend in...

Being on a tropical island for work would be most people’s idea of heaven, but for Lara and Sonny it’s hell. Can a week of sun, sea and uncovering showbiz secrets together chip away at Lara and Sonny’s rivalry? And once they get home and the fake relationship is over, could a real one be left in its place?


A romantic comedy full of funny one-liners. Lara and Sonny love to hate each other. A day wouldn't be complete for them without finding a way to wind the other up in some small way. 

The events leading up to Lara and Sonny being sent away to work together on a story really had me laughing and I couldn't wait to see how the pair would survive their time in a fake relationship. It was great fun watching the pair bicker and it played well into the idea that they needed couple's therapy.

The celebrity friends they make whilst on the island added some drama and side story but seeing Lara and Sonny become better friends and forgive mistakes made in the past was the heart of the story. They would be perfect together if they could only take the time to be nice instead of always competing against each other.

I liked the way the story concluded and that neither Lara nor Sonny were comfortable with betraying their new friends for a story. Their romance did happen quite suddenly towards the end of the book but it rounded off the story nicely in a heartwarming and uplifting way.

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