Saturday 6 January 2024

A Story to Strangle For by E.V. Hunter (2024)

The Hopgood Hall Murder Mysteries Series Book 4


"A thrilling murder mystery that kept me turning the pages. Well worth a read." Bestselling author T.A. Williams.

A failing hotel…

With its reputation in tatters, Alexi Ellis is determined to save her beloved Hopgood Hall from any more bad press. A writing course for wannabe journalists shouldn't cause too many issues and will hopefully take the heat off Hopgood Hall….

A shocking death…

But disaster strikes when one of the group is found dead in a local pub. What’s worse Alexi was the last person to see the victim alive, which makes her suspect number one.

A case too close to home?

Alexi is sure she is being set up, but who would go to such deadly lengths? With her reputation and liberty on the line, this is a case Alexi, Jack and Cosmo can’t afford to leave unsolved!

Perfect for fans of Faith Martin, Frances Evesham and Emma Davies.


Having not read any previous books in the series, I enjoyed this one immensely. I will definitely want to check out the first book and continue crime solving with Alexi, Jack and Cosmo.

In this instalment, another murder with a connection to Alexi is the last thing she needs. Jack is worried that it will be enough to send her packing and end their fledgling romance. However, Alexi is made of sterner stuff and she is determined to get answers and find the real killer.

For a cosy crime novel, it surprisingly alludes to some dark themes (other than murder) such as institutional child abuse and domestic abuse. However, the subject matter is dealt with sympathetically and it doesn't weigh the story down. 

I admire how the author ties everything together. There was more than one twist I didn't see coming so the story held my attention and kept me guessing. There were a few people I didn't know whether to trust or not.

This was a satisfying read, clever and twisty with a group of characters I want to read more of.

A Story to Strangle For is out today!


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