Wednesday 8 June 2022

The Only Exception (Love in the Comptons #2) by Claire Huston (2022)


Lucinda Green knows something is missing from her life. But what? Her catering business is enjoying modest success and she loves her cosy house, even if she does have to share it with her irritating ex-fiancé.

Whatever’s making her unsettled and edgy, Lucinda’s certain that a lack of romance isn’t the problem. How could it be when she doesn’t believe in true love?

But Lucinda’s beliefs are shaken by a series of electric encounters with Alex Fraser, a newly notorious actor who gradually proves himself to be infuriatingly funny and smart, as well as handsome.

Not that any of that matters. Because Lucinda doesn’t believe in all that ‘The One’ nonsense. That’s the rule.

But doesn’t every rule have an exception?

This uplifting grumpy-meets-sunshine romance is perfect for fans of Phillipa Ashley, Katie Fforde and Trisha Ashley.

Book Two in the Love in the Comptons series. These are standalone stories and can be read in any order.
1. Art and Soul (Becky and Charlie)
2. The Only Exception (Lucinda and Alex)

The only Exception is so lovely. It's exactly as advertised - sweet, heartwarming romantic comedy.
I loved Alex. I wanted to wrap him up and take him home. He may be a good looking actor but he's quite insecure and shy and it's adorably cute. He also obsesses over texts and how to reply which made him very relatable and likeable. 
My favourite part of the story was when Alex and Lucinda went to visit Lady Russell. There was a shift in their relationship here where they go from frosty acquaintances to allies and friends. It was really well done and it had me smiling.
All their interactions were laced with great banter and the promise of romance. It's one of those books where I wanted to read it slowly so I could savour the detail, romance and humour but at the same time, I couldn't wait to see Alex and Lucinda get together so the pages turned at record speed regardless. 
This is such a fun and uplifting, feel-good story and I hope there'll be more Love the Comptons to come.

The Only Exception is out now! Amazon

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  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing The Only Exception! I'm delighted you enjoyed it. I love Alex too :-) x