Monday 20 June 2022

Defending Keirnan: Ghost #1 by P.J. Fiala


All Keirnan Vickers ever wanted was to be a teacher. Having realized that dream, she’s focusing on helping the local library with desperately needed repairs so she has a place to host her growing reading program. Just when her life is beginning to look like a storybook, an enemy of her father's threatens her very existence.

Single father Dane Copeland has known his share of heartaches. He put love on the back burner to finish his career as a special operative with the Army and raise his daughter. Fate intervenes when he meets Keirnan, who brings a new zest for life and the promise of a new start. But it all comes crashing down when she is kidnapped and local law enforcement is unable, or unwilling, to mount a rescue.

Partnering with Auggie Vickers, GHOST is born, and all of their lives are irreparably changed as the details behind Keirnan's abduction are revealed and time becomes their enemy.


An action-packed and suspense-filled romantic thriller. 
Romance is a prominent feature in the plot. Dane and Keirnan are perfect together but their relationship went too fast for me. They started to date almost immediately and then the story skipped a few weeks so that their relationship was more established on paper. This left me feeling as though I'd missed out on the scenes where you see them falling in love.
The mystery was well plotted and delivered with a tonne of drama and suspense. The kidnapping was intense, gritty, and nail-bitingly exciting. It was my favourite part of the book and it kept me listening right to the end all in one sitting.
The dual narrators were excellent and complemented each other well. The production moved seamlessly between the two narrators. 

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