Wednesday 15 June 2022

Cold Silence (Cold Just: Most Wanted #1) by Toni Anderson (2022)


Read the next edge-of-your-seat Romantic Thriller from New York Times bestselling author, Toni Anderson.

FBI Hostage Rescue Team member Shane Livingstone is frustrated when an injury sidelines him during an operation to catch a sadistic killer. A killer who auctions off vicious ways to torture his victims and screens the events for money on the dark web. When a teammate dies during the op, a devastated Shane vows to track down the monster responsible—but to do so he’ll need access to specialized skills he doesn’t possess.

A bloody game of cat and mouse…

As a white-hat hacker at Alex Parker’s security firm, Yael Brooks knows how to track predators through the darkest recesses of cyberspace. She can’t say no to Shane’s request…even though she fears her own secrets may put her at risk.

With a serial killer who makes it personal…

Shane and Yael must work together as a team if they hope to stop this psychopath. As they begin to grow closer, Shane demands Yael’s complete trust, but trust is the one thing Yael is reluctant to give. As the chase intensifies and more people die, it becomes obvious that the killer knows exactly who Yael is and plans to make both her and Shane pay the ultimate price for getting in his way.

The best romantic suspense book I've read this year. I lost sleep with this book! I stayed up all night to finish reading as I didn't want to put it down. Every page was filled with tension, drama and suspense. 
There was a nice slow-burn romance between Shane and Yael but the real essence of the book was the tense race against time to catch the serial killer. My heart definitely pounded and a sense of dread developed as Yael and Shane inched closer to discovering the killer's identity. I loved every minute of this thrilling read and I look forward to reading the next one.

Cold Silence is out now in all formats.

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