Monday 21 March 2016

Vunerable (Morgans of Nashville #4) by Mary Burton (2016)


The Smallest Mistake

Three went in; one came out. For five years, no trace has been found of two high-school friends who went hiking in the woods near Nashville. The third teen, Amber Ryder, was discovered at the bottom of a ravine with a broken arm, head trauma--and zero memory of the horror that put her there. 

Will Put You

What started as a cold case has become a fresh hell for forensic technician Georgia Morgan. Another woman's body is found in the woods, and it leads to the missing teens' remains. But while Georgia works with Amber to try and reawaken her memories, her gut tells her the worst is yet to come. 

At A Killer's Mercy

Homicide Detective Jake Bishop can't be sure whether Amber is an expert manipulator or the killer's next target. Either way, he's determined to protect Georgia. Because the deeper she digs into the past, the deadlier the secrets that emerge, and a nightmare years in the making is about to come to a bloody, terrifying end…


A fast paced thriller that proved to be a real page turner. The suspense filled story had me reading the entire novel in one sitting.

Georgia and Jake make good team when they are paired together to solve a cold case. They are attracted to each other but instead of acting on it they spend their time trading insults and smart aleck quips.
I would have been happy if their relationship had stayed this way and maybe just ending with them acknowledging their feelings and having a romantic moment. Instead, three quarters of the way through the novel, the pair decide to jump into bed together and they are instantly in love and committed to each other. It was a disappointing development in my eyes and, to me, it read like a box ticking exercise by the author in order to meet the publisher's requirements. A story can be romantic without the sex especially if it fits the story better.

The crime element of the novel was complex and there were a whole host of characters with secrets to hide and reputations to protect. It took a while for me to figure out who the murderer was. I understood the motive behind the original killings five years earlier but I was left puzzled by the more recent killings as no motive was ever given. 

Despite these little misgivings I have about the plot, I would still recommend this book as a good crime thriller. It is part of a series but is easily read as a stand alone.

Vulnerable is due out in April 2016.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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