Monday 20 July 2015

Rebel's Desire (Iron Portal Series #4) by Laurie London (2015)


Tormented by a savage past and shattered by a bitter betrayal, Iron Guild warrior Toryn Flynn trusts no one and cares about nothing except the battle against their enemies. His target: a mobster who finances deadly missions into Cascadia. 

Kicked out of the house by her puritanical father, Keely Weber and her sister run a bookstore and fortune-telling business in an underground district in New Seattle—until a powerful man who controls the area kidnaps Keely’s sister to sell her into the Talent sex-trade. 

When a beautiful woman literally falls into his arms, Toryn realizes she holds the key to his success. Keely will do anything to rescue her sister…including taking risks with a dangerously sexy man who pushes all her buttons. 

From the gritty streets of the city’s underbelly to a sexual-fantasy-themed island, passions ignite. But with evil surrounding them and time running out, Toryn must decide whether to sacrifice the woman he’s falling for or dare to trust his heart again. 

This was such a quick read I didn't want it to end. I was glued to the story from start to finish. It was full of excitement, tension, angst, action, and the romance element was hot. Even though the story was short, and I would have loved it to have been longer, the plot was well written; the characters had enough depth to them to allow me to sympathise, like and dislike when appropriate.
This whole series is so addictive you better put aside a few hours for reading when you start it because you won't want to be interrupted.
I'd definitely recommend the other titles in the series - for a quick read they don't disappoint.

£1.99 AmazonUK
€2.99 Kobo

Book 1: Assassin's Touch - Rickert and Neyla
Book 2: Rogue's Passion - Asher and Olivia 
Book 3: Warrior's Heart- Vince and Zara
Book 4: Rebel's Desire- Toryn and Keely

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