Friday 28 June 2024

Strong Temptations (A Sophie Strong Mystery Book 2) by Amy Renshaw


Aspiring reporter Sophie Strong uncovers deadly secrets lurking in the aisles of a 1912 department store. Will she risk everything in her quest to expose a killer? 

In 1912 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, aspiring reporter Sophie Strong yearns for a thrilling undercover mission that rivals those of her idol, journalist Nellie Bly. Her dreams of adventure are dashed when her cautious editor assigns her to the seemingly mundane role of a shopgirl.

But appearances can be deceiving. What starts as an ordinary job takes a sinister turn when a fellow employee meets a tragic end. Suddenly, Sophie and her coworkers fall under suspicion. Determined to prove their innocence and driven by insatiable curiosity, she embarks on her own covert investigation. Detective Jacob Zimmer urges her to leave the pursuit of criminals to the professionals, but she can’t resist plunging into the perilous web of secrets, lies, and hidden motives. Sophie explores the shadowy corners of one of the city's most popular department stores, and each step closer to the truth lures her into more danger.

In this gripping historical mystery, Sophie Strong's relentless pursuit of justice sets the stage for a heart-pounding race against time. Will she expose the killer’s identity before she, too, becomes a victim? Perfect for fans of Rhys Bowen, Victoria Thompson, and Ashley Weaver.

Strong Temptations is a brilliantly executed historical murder mystery. As much as I loved the first book in the series, I loved this one even more. I am familiar with the characters and I anticipate all the interactions Sophie has with Detective Jacob in the hope that their friendship will develop into something more. 

I thought I had the mystery solved very early but I obviously fell for every red herring the author put in front of me because I didn't figure it out at all! 
The author builds up a lot of suspense and tense moments as there are multiple possible suspects. The sense of threat is always there when she is looking for clues or questioning her co-workers.

I thought nothing could top the dramatic scenes at the end of book one but I was blown away by the nail-biting action and heroics of everyone involved at the end of Strong Temptations. Jacob shows his mettle yet again in pursuit of justice. Determined to make that final arrest whilst making sure that the people he loves are safe.
I enjoyed every minute of this book. I have grown to love these characters and I hope there will be many more in the series to follow.

Strong Temptations is available to buy now.

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