Thursday 8 July 2021

The Gentleman's Daughter (The Gentleman Spy Mysteries Book 2) by Bianca M. Schwarz (2021)


Perfect for lovers of historical romantic mysteries.

Sir Henry, secret agent to the crown, must marry a lady above reproach to afford his illegitimate daughter entrance into society. After narrowly escaping marriage to a highborn bigot, he takes an assignment in Brighton, leading him to an abandoned abbey full of dark whispers, and a sinister secret society, the very one Henry has been investigating for three years.

Isabella is as beautiful as she is talented, but falling in love isn't part of her plans. She only wants to paint, forget her painful past, and keep her overbearing mother at bay. But gaining one's independence isn't easy for a woman in 1823, so Isabella embarks on a fake courtship with Sir Henry. Soon, love and a painting career no longer seem so utterly incompatible.

But when the man Isabella fears most kidnaps her, all appears lost. Realizing the kidnapper is part of the same organization he is investigating, Henry chases after them. Entrapped in a web of secrets, both Henry and Isabella must face old enemies, and fight for their happily ever after.

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The Gentleman's Daughter is the much anticipated second novel in The Gentleman Spy Mysteries. Having read The Innkeeper's Daughter I was quite excited to read this one.
The subject matter in this series is quite dark involving sexual violence. But, the tension, sense of menace and threat, danger and suspense really leave the reader on tenterhooks and unable to put the book down.
I loved that the darker elements were offset with a lovely and sweet budding romance. Isabella and Henry make an adorable couple and I loved how sweet he was when he was trying to encourage her trust, confidence and friendship. Their romance gave the story a lighter feeling in the first half of the story. Then the excitement and suspense ramped up big time.

With a satisfying and nail-biting conclusion, this book is an all-around winner.

The Gentleman's Daughter is out now.

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