Tuesday 27 July 2021

Maybe This Time (Whiskey and Weddings #2) by Nicole McLaughlin (2018)


Jen Mackenzie has been knocked down more than a few times, but she always gets up and makes sure she has the last word. It’s the reason she now considers herself equal parts self-sufficient and free-spirit. But since losing her job and trying to help her mother beat cancer, real life―and her occasional careless choices―have begun to catch up with her. Her one saving grace: The Stag, a boutique distillery that has become Kansas City’s go-to wedding venue. The only catch: One of the owners, TJ Laughlin, happens to be the one man who somehow manages to make Jen feel inadequate.

TJ has secretly had a thing for Jen since high school. Now, as her new boss, it’s a daily struggle between revealing his feelings and wringing her beautiful neck. Only one thing is for certain: he can’t stand idly by and watch the woman he cares for struggle. She may be convinced that accepting TJ’s help is a weakness. But all he sees in Jen is beauty and strength, inside and out. As things finally heat up between them, can TJ find a way to convince Jen that love is about give and take―and having it all, together?

I'm late to this series even though this book has been on my shelf since it was published.
This is a sweet second chance romance where the two main protagonists finally manage to develop a romantic relationship after secretly being in love with each other since high school.
TJ is adorable and is the best thing about the book. Jen is a bit prickly and immature. And even though she has a kind heart but she is just not as likeable as TJ. Plus, I couldn't really understand why she hesitated so much with TJ who is much too good for her. There is plenty of drama, job and family issues for the couple to work through before they can finally get their happily ever after.
This is a sweet read and perfect for a relaxing, lazy day.

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