Thursday 11 March 2021

Killer Blonde by Allan Evans (2021)

Every serial killer has a type. But what if that type is part of a larger, more dangerous agenda?

With virtually identical women being murdered in Minnesota, panic is causing huge political pressure to get the killer off the streets. Celebrated investigator Cade Dawkins is given the hot potato case and hopes to get it wrapped up before the governor has his head. But the killer has his own agenda—one that goes beyond simply murdering knockout blondes. As it becomes a cat and mouse game between killer and investigator, Dawkins begins to realize he just may be the mouse.

Killer Blonde is a fast-paced thriller and nail-bitingly good! 

The author does a great job of building up tension as we see the kills happening through the eyes of the perpetrator. It is quite chilling as he stalks and kills his victims.

Although I enjoyed the story immensely I would have liked the victims to have been represented more as women, sisters, wives, or mothers rather than being reduced to simply being 'knock out blondes.'  

The romantic angle happened very suddenly and was just referred to as fact. There was no lead-up and I wasn't sure how or when that relationship developed but it served its purpose in making the final chapters very dramatic and exciting as the killer homes in on Dawkins. I was on the edge of my seat! 

This was a great read, highly entertaining and exciting.

Killer Blonde is available in paperback and ebook as well as Kindle Unlimited. Amazon

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