Sunday 28 February 2021

The Murdering Wives Club by Sharon Thompson (2021)


A gripping historical mystery, where women take charge and strive for power.

The Murdering Wives Club is a support group for women who wish to murder their husbands. Or so the rumour goes.

Returning home from World War II, Laurie Davenport is blind and traumatised. He is also convinced that his wife, Charlotte, is trying to kill him. With the help of his assistant, the enigmatic Norah Walsh, Laurie hunts for proof of these killer women.

Then convicted Irish murderer Eve Good claims to have belonged to a club of murdering wives called The Sinful Roses. She agrees to recount her harrowing crimes to Laurie and Norah.

Can Eve Good shed light on this obscure matter? Can a blind, amateur detective succeed in exposing this terrifying group of murdering women? And in his darkened world, whom can he trust?

It seemed to take me ages to get through this book. I really wanted to enjoy it but I was left disappointed.
There is a dark feeling to the story made more so by the fact that none of the characters bar Giles and Laurie were anyway likeable. I felt something was needed to lighten it a bit but there wasn't any humour or banter to offshoot the heavy feeling of the story.
Eve Good's story told through her letters was interesting enough but I would have liked them to have coincided with some active and gripping detective work. Instead, everything is simply talked through and talked about. 
I didn't like Norah's character and I felt that Laurie should have developed more as the story progressed. He was supposed to be getting better but he didn't get any more independent than he had been at the beginning of the book.
I did enjoy the suspenseful moments at the very end of the book but it just came a little too late.
I was also surprised at Poolbeg for allowing this book to be published with so many spelling mistakes and errors.

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