Wednesday 8 April 2020

Aria's Travelling Book Shop by Rebecca Raisin (2020)

From the bestselling author of Rosie’s Travelling Tea Shop comes another uplifting romance.
This summer will change everything!
Aria Summers knows what she wants.
A life on the road with best friend Rosie and her beloved camper-van-cum-book-shop, and definitely, definitely, no romance.
But when Aria finds herself falling – after one too many glasses of wine, from a karaoke stage – into the arms of Jonathan, a part of her comes back to life for the first time in years.
Since her beloved husband died Aria has sworn off love, unless it’s the kind you can find in the pages of a book. One love of her life is quite enough.
And so Aria tries to forget Jonathan and sets off for a summer to remember in France. But could this trip change Aria’s life forever…?

A heartwarming, uplifting and hilarious novel of friendship, love and adventure! Perfect for fans of Debbie Johnson and Holly Martin.

Rebecca Raisin has the remarkable ability to pull on your heartstrings one minute and make you laugh out loud two paragraphs later!
I invariably laughed and cried all the way through. 
Aria and Rosie's trip around France is filled with laughter, gastronomic delights, and a few surprises along the way.
Aria's grief is palpable, but there's a glimmer of hope for her after she bumps into Jonathan again. The karaoke scene is one of my favourites and, I confess I looked up her song on YouTube, which made the whole thing even funnier. 
The author talk in the book shop is another standout scene for its hilarity.
The poignancy of reading her husband's journal made the inevitable happy ever after that bit sweeter. 
Wonderfully funny and romantic, Aria's Travelling Book Shop is a delight to read.

Out Now! Available in Paperback, Ebook and Audio

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