Saturday 29 February 2020

Choose Me: Matching Scars series #1 by Valentina Ferraro.

Caterina Zanetti has it all: a charmed life in an elegant neighborhood in Rome, a top of the line car,
an aristocratic boyfriend and a glorious future as a pampered society housewife. Until her father
persuades her to move to the USA and spend her second year of college at UCF in Orlando. In less
than twenty-four hours, before she’s even over her jet lag, her whole life is turned upside down.
Just one look at her handsome next-door neighbor is all it takes for her to question her perfect,
programmed existence.
“That's exactly the kind of guy you need to stay away from,” her father warns as they get out of the
Yes, because Benjamin Carter looks exactly like the kind of bad boy who makes smart girls do stupid
Everyone thinks he has it all. Women literally fall at his feet, he has the highest grades on his course
and he's the singer in one of the most popular college rock bands in the city. Yet something is
missing. Someone is missing. Someone to help him understand that not everything in life is black or
white, who'll stand up to him and force him to remove the mask he's been hiding behind all his life.
And apparently, that someone has the yellow eyes of a wild cat and a sexy Italian accent that drives
him crazy.
Will he win the heart of the beautiful foreign student who is intent on keeping him at arm's length or
will his wild, impetuous character ruin everything?

Choose Me is an intense love story and completely addictive. I loved Ben although he is a little OTT and makes too many rash decisions but generally his heart is in the right place. Their ongoing arguments and misunderstandings became a bit repetitive but characters like Mark, Kris and Jessica make good distractions. Mark, especially, adds a sense of fun and mischievousness. He's adorable and cute and I loved his and Cat's sweet and platonic friendship. Cat's father is another brilliant character. He's the cool dad everyone loves and he's really understanding and supportive of Cat. His reaction to her confession at the end of the book had me smiling as did the lovely, heartwarming ending.

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