Sunday 26 August 2018

Deadly Passion (Heaven's Heart Series #1) by Amanda Pillar (2018)

Can two assassins outwit each other to claim the ultimate prize? 

Dru is a blood-bound assassin, tied to Hell and her master for eternity — okay, not ‘eternity’, but it sure as Hell feels like it. She’s got a slight attitude problem, a strict no-touching rule and she has claws and knows how to use them. She’s also willing to earn her freedom at any cost, even if that means stealing from an angel.

Azrael was once a member of an elite unit in Heaven’s army, but after a priceless artifact was stolen on his watch, he was thrown out of Heaven. Now the fallen angel is on a mission: find Heaven’s Heart, save his missing comrades, and get even with the angel who took his wings. 

The first time Azrael and Dru meet, she leaves him for dead. The second time, they’re tasked with the same mission — retrieve Odin’s Orb. Will their sparking passion derail their best-laid plans? Or will they play for keeps?


Deadly Passion is an exciting, magical adventure where the line between good and evil becomes blurred when natural enemies join forces for the good of a common goal. 

There is non stop action from start to finish with lots of humour thrown into the mix. There is just the right amount of romance in this story for me.
The author concentrated more on character and plot development resulting in one kick-ass story that I couldn't put down

Dru's sister Peony is a minor character in the Deadly Passion but I immediately liked her and was intrigued by her. I can't wait to read her story in book two which I can happily note is due to be published in November. 😀

Deadly Passion is available in Paperback and ebook.

  AMAZON Kindle price 99p

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