Monday 4 July 2016

Survivor: A Graced Novella by Amanda Pillar (2016)

Publishers' Information
Billie Young is a city guard from Pinton with a troubled past – she was kidnapped, tortured and almost murdered by vampires. Though she managed to survive her attack, it’s left her scarred and damaged. Now, she wants revenge.

Vere Radcliffe is a vampire spy who answers directly to the king. Recently returned to the city, he’s stuck living with his family – a fate almost worse than death. But trouble is brewing in the streets of Pinton, and Vere is asked to investigate the abduction of a city guard and the murder of several other humans.

Can Vere and Billie work together to find the killers, before it’s too late?

Having previously read and reviewed the first book in the series, Graced, I was more than happy to dive into the next instalment. 

I found it to be a surprisingly good and exciting read for a such short novel. I was enjoying it so much I didn't want to reach the end. I was enjoying all the suspense and romance too much. I wanted more!! The plot had plenty of scope for it to extend into a longer story. 

The story has two wonderful characters whom you can't help but like and cheer for. I love how strong Billie is and her determination to find the truth no matter the cost to herself. I found Vere to be quite endearing and I enjoyed their innocent and romantic interludes as they got to know one another.

There wasn't any reference to the Victorian type dystopian era of the first Graced novel and I liked how the story read without it. It had a much more contemporary feel and it felt more realistic in relation to Billie's lifestyle as a city guard.

The Graced series is proving to be a very enjoyable and addictive series!

I received a copy of Survivor in exchange for an honest review

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