Sunday 3 July 2016

Demons From My Past by J.L. Leslie (2015)

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Everyone has a past. Kingsley Huxton is trying to move on from hers and repair her estranged relationship with her father. When her mother helps her get a job at her father’s hotel business, she knows she finally has a shot. She can make him see she’s changed. Earn his love and trust again. Easier said than done. Especially when she meets her sexy new co-worker, Paxton Rowe, and realizes he’s the man who just kissed her senseless! Completely senseless. In fact, she’s thought of his lips for days. When she walks into her father’s office and finds out he’s the CFO, it throws her for a loop. 

How can she focus on fixing things with her father when she can’t get Paxton off her mind? Then Paxton seems to run hot and cold…playing mind games with her. They definitely have chemistry, but he’s holding back. Kingsley realizes he has a few demons of his own. She must determine if he’s worth the fight. Then when tragedy strikes, Kingsley has to battle the demons from her past and find out if she’s strong enough win! 

*This book contains mature content, language, violence, and sexual situations. It is intended for mature readers only.*

Hum-drum, run-of-the-mill, sexy romances with no plot are taking over the romance genre and finding one to recommend can be hit and miss. Recently it has been more miss than anything else. Thankfully, I was introduced to Demons From My Past which completely restored my love of the genre. 

Demons From My Past is a story of second chances and forgiveness; of mending broken familial relationships and overcoming adversity. The plot is rich in detail and deep.

I adored Kingley's character. Apart for some paraphrasing of what she did in the past, we aren't really privy to what life was like for her or her family when she was a teenager and a drug addict but the adult Kingsley is feisty, talented, hard working, determined and loyal. Kingsley wants to prove to her family that she has changed but her father finds it difficult to trust her and forget the past. 
I couldn't help but cheer on every one of her successes and I felt a real feel good feeling every time she proved her worth and slowly chipped away at her father's hard shell. I couldn't wait for the two of them to finally restore their father daughter bond.

The romance between Kingsley and Paxton is sweet and sensual. Paxton has his own issues to deal with but he can't help but be attracted to Kingsley. The pair have to find a way to work together, be together and fend off a jealous ex lover who wants to keep them apart. Kingsley also tasks herself with helping her best friend stay off drugs; cue lots of drama and suspense.

A fast paced, exciting and emotional read. J.L. Leslie is a new author to me but after reading Demons From My Past I will certainly be reading more.

Buy now for 99p at Amazon Also available on Kindle Unlimited.

Thank you to the author who provided a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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