Thursday 10 December 2015

Wild Games by Mila Rossi (2015)

Despite warnings of annoying mosquitos and beastly spiders, Becca Glover couldn’t be more excited about her expedition to Costa Rica. Rooming with Matt Ritter, however, is an inconvenience she doesn’t see coming. He wields a machete, shaves with a knife and needs to wear a decent amount of clothes to cover the muscles she can’t stop staring at. 

Hired to lead a group of scientists through the jungle, Matt is convinced the fiery redhead is intent on making his job harder than it needs to be. Rebecca doesn’t listen and seems to invite danger at every turn. Her attitude is as much of a distraction as her curves and emerald green eyes. Now if he could only pay as much attention to his job as he does to her, their one-month adventure would fly by without a hitch. 

Hot temperatures, wild animals and a shared tree house are just the beginning of Becca and Matt’s obstacles. The real challenge lies in surviving each other.

This is a short, fast paced and entertaining read. 
Matt is very much a take charge and take action kind of guy. He is very capable in the jungle and can handle anything that comes his way. That is until he meets Becca who is a walking disaster and needs rescued at every turn. She doesn't appreciate his cave-man/Indiana Jones attitude and the pair constantly bicker and snipe at one another. It doesn't help that they have to share accommodation.
It was fun watching these two argue whilst trying to ignore their attraction to each other. I haven't read many books with a jungle theme but I felt that it worked well in this story.
I'd recommend Wild Games for anyone looking for for a quick romantic read.  

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It is also free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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