Thursday 29 October 2015

Lost in Tennessee by Anita DeVito (2015)


Sometimes a man finds trouble...and sometimes it comes looking for him...
Heartache makes for good country music. It's what country superstar Butch McCormick keeps telling himself. He's done with women and can't handle one more disappointment. He's taking a few months off to work on the old house on his parents' land to fix shutters, scrape paint, and figure out what he wants in life... 
Then she appears out of nowhere, with red hair and a peaches-and-cream complexion...and just so damned lost.
Architect Kate Riley doesn't have the luxury of getting lost, having a damaged car, or being smitten by a sexy-talkin' cowboy with an irresistible smile. But the longer Kate stays at Elderberry Farm, the stranger things get. For one, there's the crazy chemistry between her and Butch. For another, dead bodies are starting to turn up...and Kate might be the murderer's next victim.

I really enjoyed this book. The sparks flew between Kate and Butch and their interactions were filled with witty banter. Kate has an adorable cousin Tom and Butch has a protective older brother, Jeb, with an intriguing story of his own which I can't wait to read. Kate and Tom are hilarious when they are together and I found myself laughing out loud at their antics.
Even though the pace of the story was good it was fairly obvious early on who the murderer was and I was just waiting for the rest of the characters to wake up! However the book was filled with so many funny moments that this didn't annoy me too much. Kate and Tom's pairing up to find and catch the killer was hilarious. The friendship that developed between Tom and Jeb was also fun to read. The three guys became good friends and I hope to see them having a starring role in any sequels.

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