Monday 4 May 2015

The Millionaire Daddy Project (Entangled Indulgence) ( Men of the Zodiac) 2015

The Millionaire Daddy Project

Let's face it, the book has a cheesy title and the same old same old story tropes- another 'sexy millionaire' story, another 'secret baby' story, another 'secretary falls in love with her boss' story. 

So, eventhough I was quite looking forward to this guilty pleasure escapist read, I didn't have overly high expectations. 

How surprised was I when I couldn't put the book down?! 

It is well written and fast paced, but, at the same time, the romance between Pamela and Dane didn't feel rushed. Their relationship developed in a romantically sedate pace thanks to the presence of Danielle. The interplay and bonding between Pamela, Dane and Dani was  entertaining, touching and sweet.  

I enjoyed this title immensely. It is a quick, easy read and perfect for a lazy duvet day or a sunny day at the beach.

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