Tuesday 13 January 2015

A Time of Shadows by Monique Martin (Out of Time #8)

A Time of Shadows: Out of Time #8 (Volume 8)…
The 8th in the 'Out of Time' series and it still has me hooked. There is a little twist in this instalment as Elizabeth and Jack don't actually time travel but instead have to save the world in their own time. Thankfully they have some help from the lovely Jack and a cranky but skilled Monsieur Renaud. (More from these two please)
 An unexpected visitor from the future sets in place a race to find the very special but dangerous 13th pocket-watch. To discover where the watch is hidden, Elizabeth and Simon must solve the clues that are hidden in various places relating to their past. At the same time they are pursued by agents from the Shadow Council who will stop at nothing, including kidnap and murder, to get their hands on the watch.

Some questions are addressed in 'A Time of Shadows.' Jack comes to a decision about his future and I'm glad that he'll be around for more adventures. The issue of Simon and Elizabeth losing a child is also addressed. I won't add any spoilers but I think everyone can stop worrying....for now!

I love this series and hope it continues well into the double digits!
New readers would be advised to begin at #1 Out of Time which is still available for free on Kindle.

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