Monday 15 December 2014

Redemption. A Darla Gray Novel #1 By Tina Marshall

Redemption by Tina  Marshall

'Darla, a women destroyed by loss and despair seeks to put an end to her life with all its pain and suffering, but instead of the welcome relief of death she finds herself cast into Redemption; a world where myths and legends are a reality. Demons, Vampires, Lycans and all other creatures of lore not only exist but have walked among us since the dawn of time. But something darker is in pursuit of Darla. Can the enigmatic Quinn save her from a preordained fate, or will his own tortured past stop him from claiming the woman who has set his senses on fire? Time is running out and for Darla, caught in the centre of a battle between good and evil, the cost of failure could bring about the destruction of Heaven itself.'

An absolutely brilliant read. From start to finish 'Redemption' had me thoroughly entertained. I really sympathised with the characters and was rooting for their success. The poignant scenes had me in tears but the humour throughout the novel kept me smiling. There was a high level of adventure and suspense, which I love, as well as a little bit of romance.

 I am thrilled to have found this series and can't wait for more.

The Kindle edition of Redemption is currently free to download.

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