Sunday 9 November 2014

Shattered Witness 

Anna DeStefano

After an assault, CEO Shaw Cassidy's memory is shattered. Under suspicion of treason, only her blocked memories can provide the answers needed to prove her innocence.
Tucked away on her isolated childhood summer home on Lake View Mountain, Cassidy should be in the ideal place to rest in familiar surroundings. But Cassidy is plagued by nightmares coupled with experiencing numerous accidents in the old home and the nagging feeling that she is being constantly watched, puts Cassidy's nerves on edge.

Unbeknownst to Cassidy, her childhood neighbour, friend, and ex-boyfriend, special agent Cole Marinos, has been assigned the undercover task of keeping an eye on her in case she remembers any details pertinent to the case. Although she broke his heart when they were young, and he hasn't seen her in fifteen years, he is convinced that she is innocent and is willing to risk his career to prove it. The only problem is Cassidy can't remember him, she doesn't trust him and she's not convinced he's not the one stalking her.

As Shaw's memory returns, each attack gets more personal and designed to implicate Cole. She has to decide whether or not Cole is out to destroy her or take a chance on the man she once loved and is falling in love with again.

An exciting blend of mystery, intrique, romance and suspense. This fast paced story will have you reading into the wee hours.  Recommended!

This book is out on the 11th of November! Pre-order a copy now.

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