Sunday 17 August 2014

The Echo Falls Trilogy by Jaime McDougall

Book 1     Echo Falls   
Pheobe Martin is on the run from an ex-boyfriend and ends up in Echo Falls looking for a safe place to call home. Echo Falls proves not to be the safest haven as someone is attacking and killing members of the Falls werewolf pack. Pheobe, herself, is attacked but rescued by Aidan O' Bryan, the local police chief and alpha of the pack. Phoebe is his only witness but she is reluctant to give any information about herself or the attack. Aidan knows she is holding back and doesn't understand why, but nonetheless he is attracted to her and wants to help her.
After more attacks on the pack they realise that a hunter is in town and that maybe they also have a traitor in their midst. It is only then that Phoebe admits that her ex is a hunter and has tracked her to Echo Falls. He killed her brother and is out to kill her also because she is a werewolf.
There is plenty of action as the pack prepare to take on the hunter and the traitor. A nice romance also builds up between Aidan and Phoebe. The pace really quickens and tensions build in the last quarter of the book. This is an enjoyable quick read that fans of werewolf fiction will enjoy.

Book 2 Fading Echoes
The story picks up twenty years after 'Echo Falls.' Baby Charlotte from book one is working as the doctor's receptionist. Charlotte is special as she is a 'pure bred' werewolf and the first of that kind in the Echo Falls pack. Charlotte is obsessed with all things hunter related and spends much of her time researching and filling her scrap book with any information she can garner about hunters. She fears an organised attack from hunters and believes that werewolves should band together and be prepared. It has been twenty years since the last hunter attack so Charlotte's research falls on deaf ears.
When Adam, the new doctor, comes into town there is an instant attraction between him and Charlotte. He becomes suspicious about the townsfolk and it is inevitable that he finds out about werewolves. However, Adam is keeping secrets of his own. Charlotte is highly suspicious of 'Compass,' a genetic research company that has set up in Echo Falls and takes an instant dislike to Calvin Stephens its CEO. Calvin is working on isolating the werewolf gene so that he can eradicate them from the world. Calvin sets his sights on Charlotte for his own special plan. With the very survival of the werewolf race at stake Charlotte has no option but to take a chance on trusting Adam to help her defeat this threat.

This was my favourite out of the three books. It is well written, fast paced and filled with suspense and action. A real page turner.

Book 3   Dark Echoes
This story takes place a few years after Fading Echoes. Charlotte's younger sister Lily is a strong willed young werewolf. She hunts alone and has tasked herself with ridding the area of  drug dealers, especially those that supply young wolves with a new drug called bane. She is full of guilt after an attack left her friend permanently human and she wants to find the people responsible and stop them from hurting other wolves.
She meets another werewolf, Jason North, a Neuri with special abilities. They both share this strange feeling that they've met before even though they know they haven't. He is determined to stay close to her until he figures things out. The werewolves are under threat again from hunters and a war is coming. In this final showdown where friends become the enemies Lily must embrace her destiny and save the werewolves once and for all or die trying.

A fitting conclusion to a dramatic and engaging trilogy.
Highly recommended to any fans of werewolf fiction.

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