Sunday 17 August 2014

Invincible by Diana Palmer

A light, quick read, full of romance and suspense. I enjoyed this book and would read the others in the series.

A few things I didn't like though, for one, the plot is a little weak and refers to a previous book that I haven't read. (although I think I will go and find it and read it.)

Carlie's kidnapping scene had me rolling my eyes from start to finish....she just opens the door to a complete stranger and goes off with him on his say so even though she knows people are after her. Carlie's kidnapper, a former policeman, takes a shine to her and does a complete u- turn in personality, ending up as a friend by the end of the book!

 Why can't Carlie remember to carry her phone? How can a person with a photographic memory not remember to bring a phone about with them when constantly reminded? Most people in this day and age have their phone permanently attached in some way.

Her father is another odd one. He reads like a character from a comic book. He is some kind of former super-kick-ass-special forces guy who abandoned Carlie and her mother when she was a child and who is now a minister trying to make up for all his past sins.

Apart from that, I enjoyed the banter, and budding romance between Carlie and Carson. The side characters also added extra entertainment. Although formulaic, fans of Diana Palmer should enjoy this.

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