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Double Trouble by Stephanie Harte BLOG TOUR

Meet the Kennedy twins and get ready for trouble!

Twin sisters Lily and Daisy Kennedy live a life ruled by their controlling father, Des. Desperate to salvage his own shattered dreams, he forces his girls to perform in seedy London club, Eden's, in the hopes they will finally hit the big time.

Their double act instantly pulls in the punters, but in the shadow of the spotlights, danger lurks. Lily, the golden girl, is stressed out by their new life, but rebellious Daisy relishes the freedom and excitement it brings.

But when Daisy is spotted by renowned club owner Samson Fox, she’s dragged into a gangland world filled with threats and menace. And when Lily is kidnapped from the club, Daisy realises that she has brought trouble to their door – trouble only she can fix.

Don't miss this brand new gripping gangland story, perfect for fans of Martina Cole, Kerry Kaya and Caz Finlay

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Double Trouble starts in a hair-rising way with the abduction of Lily from the nightclub, Eden, where she and her twin sister Daisy are singers.
The timeline then shifts to how and when the girls got hired at Eden, their family squabbles, and the dark world they unknowingly inhabit once they are part of it. 
The story is surprisingly light and easy to read considering the crime world in which it is set. Drugs, smuggling and trafficking are the business of the day and Eden is just front for it.
The story is told from multiple points of view but seeing things from different characters' perspectives doesn't make them any easier to like. I didn't particularly like any of them although Daisy was my favourite and I felt sorry for how her parents treated her. MacKensie had reasons for his questionable actions, and I'm hoping there is redemption for him in the next book. 
The book ends in a similarly exciting way to how it begins and with a cliffhanger that took me by surprise, I'm looking forward to seeing what's next for Lily and Daisy.

Author Bio 

Stephanie Harte was born and raised in North West London. After leaving school, she trained in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy at London College of Fashion. Stephanie went on to teach beauty workshops at a specialist residential clinic for children with severe eating disorders for ten years. She also previously worked as a Pharmaceutical Buyer for the NHS and an international medical export company. While taking a break to raise her two children, Stephanie began writing as a hobby. She signed a contract in March 2019 with Head of Zeus. Stephanie wrote seven crime novels for the publisher before signing a contract with Boldwood Books in June 2023. She is currently writing a new series, The Kennedy Twins. The first book, Double Trouble, will be released on 10th April 2024.

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