Tuesday 6 June 2023

The Beast and the Bookseller (Once Upon a Wallflower Book 1) by Eva Devon (2023)

She’s about to make a beast of a bargain in this clever and deliciously engaging fairytale twist, from USA Today bestselling author Eva Devon…

All of London gossips about the Duke of Montrose. A recluse. Inflicted with a terrible disease. A gargoyle with a terrible temper. But he’s also the most important patron of the centuries-old book shop that belongs to Miss Elizabeth Sharpe’s family. Now she’s been charged with delivering books to the Gargoyle of London herself—or risk their shop falling into ruin. But surely a duke can’t be that ghastly…

Garrett Maximilian doesn’t give a tinker’s damn what society says about him. Most of them are sycophants, bowing and scraping in his presence. But not this proud, redheaded spitfire of a woman standing before him. In fact, nothing makes him feel more alive than Miss Elizabeth tartly criticizing his books. Perhaps he just needs a plan to keep her close…

The duke’s glower doesn’t terrify Elizabeth as much as it fascinates her. And worse, he looks at her with a dark hunger that should make her shake with fear—not desire. But Elizabeth’s father has sinister plans in store for his daughter…and this beastly duke might be her only salvation.
A regency romance with shades of Beauty and the Beast and Pride and Prejudice.


The grumpy, reclusive duke meets a sunny Elizabeth at the bookshop she runs with her father. They bond over their love of books which was charmingly done with their reading of Pride and Prejudice.
The duke did not have a happy upbringing and his father was to blame for much of the suffering he endured growing up. I would have liked to see more of his work in bringing the doctor of the asylum to justice as it was an interesting subplot. The duke's friend, Essex, was a good-humoured and entertaining side character and one I'd like to see more of as the series progresses. As a fairytale retelling this was quite cute and an entertaining easy read.

                                        The Beast and the Bookseller is out now  Amazon




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