Sunday 17 January 2021

Soothsayer by Kathryn Amurra (2020)


Paperback212 pages
Published May 10th 2020 by Independently Published

Aurelia has always valued love and happiness over titles and power. Though her kind-hearted father has allowed her to turn away suitor after suitor in pursuit of a love she cannot yet define, when he dies her choices die with him. Knowing that marrying the elderly governor of a neighboring province can secure her mentally challenged brother's safety, she gives up on her dream of finding love in return for his protection.Cassius is the ill-fated captain of the governor's guard tasked with escorting the Lady Aurelia and her unpleasant aunt to the governor's estate. Since the soothsayer Tullia foretold an early death for him, Cassius wants nothing more than to keep his hands busy with labor and his heart free from any connections to the world he believes he will be leaving soon. As they work through a series of misfortunes on the road to the governor's province, the words of the soothsayer start to make sense, and together they find the courage to allow their true destiny to unfold. 

I enjoyed this book but I didn't absolutely love it. The story held my attention as it was interesting and sweet but for a story set in ancient Rome, I was expecting it to be a lot more exciting and dramatic. I felt that the story could have reflected the time period better and I was disappointed in the lack of historical detail.

That being said, the love story between Cassius and Aurelia is sweet. I enjoyed the banter between them especially in the scenes along the road on Aurelia's journey to her new home. These were the most dramatic scenes of the story and my favourite part of the book.

Their burgeoning romance suffers a few obstacles but they are resolved without much to do by the end.

The story is a gentle romance and would suit younger adults.

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