Thursday 20 August 2020

The Unquiet Spirit by Penny Hampson (2020)


A new beginning. A house with a past. A man with secrets.

It was a dream come true…that turned into a nightmare.

Kate Wilson thinks moving back to Cornwall might be the answer to her prayers. But it isn’t long before she begins to have doubts. Is the house she inherited from her godmother haunted? Or is she going out of her mind? With a stalker, threats, and attempted break-ins, Kate’s troubles multiply.

Then there’s her enigmatic neighbour, the brooding Tom Carbis; a man with secrets he doesn’t wish to share. Can she trust him when he says he wants to help?

In her quest to unravel the mysteries surrounding her, will Kate uncover more than she bargains for?

Set in beautiful Cornwall, The Unquiet Spirit is a gripping suspense with paranormal and romantic elements. Fans of Barbara Erskine will enjoy this tale.

Atmospheric and haunting right from the beginning The Unquiet Spirit is a brilliant story with romance, mystery and a dash of paranormal. I enjoyed watching Kate and Tom develop their friendship especially as they didn't get along well in the beginning and this made it all the more interesting. I wasn't too sure about Tom in the beginning as he was so cranky! but he quickly became very likeable as he became more genial in his dealings with Kate and quite heroic on occasion.
I really loved the historical aspect where Kate was discovering the history of the house The creepy goings-on at Kate's newly inherited house had me engrossed and turning the pages. 
This was a really brilliant story and one that I enjoyed reading very much.

The Unquiet Spirit is out tomorrow 21st August.


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  1. Thank you so much for this lovely review, I'm delighted that you enjoyed it.