Saturday 4 October 2014

Fast Track by Julie Garwood

Fast Track by Julie Garwood

After the death of her mother, Cordelia is raised alone by her father.
Now, grown up and as she watches over her dying father in hospital, he makes a deathbed confession. Her mother is actually alive. She left him and abandoned them when Cordelia was only a baby.

Her grief after the death of her father, and finding her mother's cold goodbye letter to her dad from all those years ago, prompts Cordelia to track down her mother and confront her.

Her research leads her to a socialite, from a wealthy and prominent family, in Australia. Luckily for Cordelia, her secret crush, Aiden, is doing business in Australia and insists she fly there with him on his private jet and stay in his hotel. So, off they go.
  It is not long before Cordelia is receiving death threats and attempts are made on her life. As Aiden keeps close watch over Cordelia, it is not long before sparks start to fly between the pair.

Fast paced and entertaining. Julie Garwood is on my auto' buy list.

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