Review Policy

                        **CLOSED To Requests**
Review slots are currently booked up until the end of February 2024.

Most of the reviews on this website are for newly published books, advanced reading copies and audiobooks that I've received in exchange for a review. 
All of my reviews are unbiased and reflect my own opinions. 
Acceptance of a book does not guarantee a positive review although it is rare for me to post a negative review as I only read books that genuinely appeal to me.

I read a wide range of genres but my favourite is romance preferably mixed in with other genres-Historical/Mystery/Time Travel/ Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Suspense/Cosy Mystery/Contemporary Romantic Thriller. 

I love audiobooks and I tend to get through them quicker than print books.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi are not my genres of choice. 

If I don't have space in my schedule for a full review I am always willing to post your marketing material here on the blog and promote your book on social media platforms.

If you would like your book reviewed or featured with a marketing post please email me at or drop me a line on Facebook  Goodreads or

I cross-post reviews on AmazonUK, Audible, Goodreads, Bookbub, LibraryThing, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Facebook groups.

I accept print copies and most digital formats. Kindle/epub is my preferred digital format.

If you need a review done quickly, an audio copy/ audible UK code would be the best format to send.

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